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Martin Pelletier's relation to money improved drastically after only a few sessions with me.

Martin Pelletier

He also talks about a multitude of energetic flood gates that have opened since I started working with him.

Josée Boisjoly

After a 15 minute phone conversation with Mario, my entire state of mind changed for the better. 

I am now incapable of being stuck in my own head because there's this feeling of fluidity and lightness that has taken over me.

Mario has somehow reconnected me to my essence by bringing me back to myself in the most simple and elegant way.

Where I would image things to be hard and complicated, they became easy and simple because I saw that everything was already there, in me. It's as if the mental barriers I had erected disolved and let in the Universe I now carry within.

I already feel freer inside. It's like I can't even access what I once thought to be impossible because that access never existed.


Thank you Mario

To be continued…..

​​​​​​​Josée Boisjoly


All is well and the wheels are in motion since we last talked. Lots of magical moments in my life, I'm very impressed.

-Better state of mind + more confidence, less anxiety.

-Super conversation with my mother

-Positive change at work

and lots more.

I feel like I'm bathing in a state of well being. It's like woww !

Thank you Mario

I'll let you know ohw it's going in a few weeks...

Have a great day


5 days later...

3 weeks later ...

It's been more than 3 weeks since our last conversation and I can tell you that the magic keeps on keeping on...

I feel a consistent feeling of inner peace plus joy in all aspects of my life.

Thank you for having been there at the right moment.

I feel so good !!!

I'll keep you posted.

Have a great day,

Talk soon,

Josée Boisjoly

Julien Roux

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You helped me change important aspects of my life. Things I myself as a therapist I had problems accessing or transcending.

You are fast and cunning. You could easily hear and perceive what I was going through without seeing me or asking me to tell you about it. Wowww !

With your way of working, it's as if the body understands directly that suffering is optional in deep emotional, psychological or ''belief change'' work. Your techniques are really powerful and your style is highly tailored to the individual needs of each person. 

I still can't believe how many things I let go and work through in one an hour with you.

Plus, once it's done, it's done ! That's what I like about you. It's permanent.

Since we started, a feeling of peace, lightness, joy and space has envelopped me.

Thank you form the bootom of my heart for your presence, your expertise and your light heartedness.

​​​​​​​The Departement of Miracles really is a good name for your services.

More on the way...

Hi Mario !

I leave tomorrow for Ecuador and just wanted you to know that our phone session from last February still has a positive impact on my life, day to day.  

Before, I would have been stressed out and unsecure. Now I'm at peace with almost no anticipation. I know I'm in good hands with the people I'll be travelling with and that all will unfold as God intends...

I love that feeling security and inner peace that lives in me... I'm BREATHING in the now and there's nothing more important ❤ 

Thank you Mario 😊

Can't wait to talk about all this with you in a future ''now'' 😉

Josée 🌹 

News from Josée Boisjoly

Émilie Vaillancourt

I started Yoga and swimming again since we last talked. Incredible things are happening, both inside and out. My wonderful state still holds and I can observe things rather than react mindlessly which allows me to make better decisions.

I started painting again as well ! My intuition guided me straight to Omer Desserres. What an investment, I'm having so much fun ! I'm creating paintings in a particular state of mind which makes it even easier and amazing things come out.

I changed a bunch of stuff in my house and familly follows in my footsteps. They're all in the same whirlwind. It's nice, it envelops my kids and my partner.

I immediately started learning English because I study peak states. I used to have a inferiority complex in regards to working at the Instutute of peak states. Not anymore ! My future is wide open.

I bought the bok immediately and my studies are moving along just fine.

I'm happy about the way I fell now. I had a ''slump'' recently but it passed really quickly and I didn't get stuck in it like I used to thanks to your techniques. 

Everything usually moves so fast for me, but it's as if everything was on pause the last little while. Since the retreat and your session, the flood gates have reopened.

JAlmost forgot ! The next day, I helped a friend with a release she needed and everything smooth, joyous and loving. It was like ''wow'’. it was as if it wasn't even me doing the work. Everything was quick amd smooth. It was amazing ! Even thugh I'm used to helping people and getting good feedback from them , I was speechless when she gave me hers.